direct mail campaigns

Position Yourself for Success with Direct Mail Campaigns

Designed to generate new business, direct mail prospecting campaigns are essential when creating a comprehensive marking plan. Personal and customized, direct mail campaigns are an ideal marketing touch to deliver your message while offering a sample of your work. With numerous email and social media campaigns available, direct mail prospecting campaigns stand out, making it… Read More

How To Make Direct Mail + Promotional Products Work Better Than Ever

In our modern world, overloaded with a barrage of electronic communications at every turn, from email, text messages and Snapchat to people relentlessly hunting Pokemon in your otherwise quiet neighborhood, it may seem counter-intuitive to suggest that direct mail can be more effective than ever… but it is, in fact, true. In a case of… Read More

Direct-Mail Marketing Checklist

It’s no secret that most marketers are relying heavily on digital marketing efforts, namely social media, to land new business. It can be somewhat simple to identify individuals that could be potential customers due to the semi-transparent nature of social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, and most importantly, it’s safe from a monetary standpoint… Read More

Integrated Marketing That Works (and yes, it just so happens to be Eco-Friendly)

  Looking to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your marketing’s effectiveness? I might have just what you’re looking for today.   Marketing has significantly changed with the shift to digital media and growth of technology. At the same time, some forms of traditional, old-school marketing like direct mail, have seen resurgent success, in part,… Read More

Power Persuasion Words

Language is powerful. A discipline that has been widespread in direct response advertising, yet flies under the radar of the mainstream, is the use of psychology-based copywriting. Words have the power to create emotions, motivate and inspire, instill fear and, as we’ll examine closely in this post, persuade. At the end of this post, I’ll… Read More