Print Terms Cheat Sheet

Hello again from your friendly neighborhood designer. Today’s topic: print! Registration, process colors, show through, binding, finishing… there are just so many terms and so many customizable specifications, diving into print can be a bit overwhelming. But worry not! Click the thumbnail below for a downloadable PDF cheat sheet of common print terms for your… Read More

A Little “Thank You” Can Go a Long Way

Many important milestones in life – whether it is graduating from high school or college, getting married or the birth of a child — call for celebration. Typically, these celebrations involve gifts from friends and family members and, in return, the dreaded writing of numerous thank-you cards begins. Letting someone know that you appreciate them… Read More

Can You Judge a Book by Its Cover? (and why the answer doesn’t really matter)

Chances are, even if you don’t know a megabyte from a mosquito bite, you use a computer to access information on a daily basis. This landscape of digital information has affected almost every aspect of modern life, especially the way we seek information about potential purchases or business relationships.  News of publishers closing their doors… Read More