SURVEY SAYS: Distributor Needs Uncovered

At Proforma we’re in the business of solving common problems in uncommon ways.  We built our technology platform, from the ground up with more than 40 years experience providing distributors scalable solutions that no other organization can match.  Additionally, we provide coaching, marketing assistance, access to world class events and community, a robust eCommerce solution,… Read More


A Gift Worth Remembering

There is magic in the perfect gift. Think back to a time when you received a special gift from someone. You probably went through a range of emotions like surprise, excitement, and appreciation. That’s because the perfect gift creates a lasting memory and forges a stronger relationship between the recipient and the gift giver. This… Read More

What Story is Your Brand Telling?

Woody Guthrie’s song, This Land Is Your Land, plays as I watch vivid images of explorers trekking across the vast landscapes of America in a The North Face commercial. When watching this commercial, it’s obvious who The North Face’s audience is. If you guessed explorers, adventures, or travel-junkies, you are correct! Think about some of… Read More