Moments: Cherish Every Moment

Our lives are made up of a series of moments. They come and go like the wind, so it’s important to live in each one and cherish them whenever possible. This holiday season is going to be all about cherishing the moment; stopping to smell the flowers amid the hustle and bustle of the busy world around you. We want to give you the keys to making this a memorable holiday for you, your family, your network, as well as those you work with via gifting. In this blog post, we’ll discuss: 

  1. The Joy of Receiving 
  2. Personalization 
  3. Functionality 

      The Joy of Receiving 

      They say it’s better to give than receive, and that may be true, but today we want to focus on receiving! Getting a gift unlocks something in a person’s heart and mind. A gift says “wow, you thought enough about me to go out of your way and spend your money to show you appreciate me.” Some people would even go so far as to call gifts their love language. This doesn’t mean they’re greedy or materialistic, it’s all about sentiment! And that is the theme we want to cultivate this holiday season. 

      Think back to Christmas morning as a kid: the feeling of running into the living room and seeing beautifully wrapped gifts with shiny bows waiting for you, a world of possibilities in each unopened box. For most people, that feeling never truly dies. No matter what it is, that joyful feeling of opening a gift that’s wrapped just for you elicits a joy that is hard to replicate.  

      You likely have already seen this in gifts to family and friends, so why not extend it to those you do business with? Let your employees, clients, or prospects know that you’re thinking about them and that you cherish your relationship with them through gifting! Let them unwrap some joy this holiday season and show you are a thoughtful business partner who values those involved in your process. 


      Giving gifts is great, but let’s take it to the next level. Personalization takes an ordinary present and amplifies its effect because of the extra step you went through to choose it. 62% of people prefer personalized gifts over costly store-bought items(1). You can read more extensively about the impact of personalized gifting in this blog post, but ultimately it accomplishes four things: 

      • Creates meaningful connections 

      Personalized gifts have the potential to foster emotional resonance, recognize individuality, and prove to the recipient they are valued. Making it personal evokes positive emotions and creates a sense of connection and loyalty. 

      • Helps you stand out from the crowd 

      Most households own an average of 30 promotional products(2), so it can be difficult to get your brand in the spotlight, but personalization can change that. Giving a gift that is specifically tailored to the recipient, either because of their interests or some personal touch you added is the perfect way to make your gift stand out from the pack and show that you really value the person! 

      • Provides word-of-mouth marketing opportunities 

      Did you know 58% of people will tell others about their gift if it’s personalized?(3) It’s hard to beat the effectiveness of someone having a positive experience with your brand and telling someone else about it. That’s why word-of-mouth marketing accounts for $6 trillion of annual consumer spending. (4) 

      • Increases customer engagement 

      Personalization encourages recipients to actively engage with your brand. The right personalized gift can strengthen relationships between businesses and customers by showing a company’s commitment to maintaining a long-term relationship, in turn leading to increased customer retention and loyalty.   

      For examples of personalized gifts, consider choosing items you know the recipient is interested in; maybe something you heard them mention in passing or a hobby you know they are passionate about. Other ways to add a personal touch are adding their name, including a special message on the product, or even incorporating a memory you have with them. The degree of personalization can depend on how well you know the person, but adding the extra thought at all can go a long way! 


      “People want to be creative and surprise the recipient,” says Elizabeth Dunn, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada, “but the better gift will be whatever it is they say they want.(5)” This is a tough concept for some people to grasp, because we so often think we know what’s best for other people. Sometimes the easiest way to make a person happy with a gift is to ask them what they want. 

      Putting together a selection of products they can choose from can ensure the recipient gets something they will actually use in the future. It can also let them know that you are listening to them and putting stock in their input. Directly asking people what they want isn’t the conventional way to go, but sometimes it’s the most effective! 

      The Takeaway 

      Everyone wants to give memorable and quality gifts, and this holiday season, let’s give the joy of receiving! Adding a personal touch to your gift, or buying the perfect item that your customer, employee, or client says they want is the key to making sure your gifting strategy is effective this year! With the right gift, we can cherish every moment this holiday season and show those in our personal lives and those involved in our business process how much we care! 

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