Commitment Day

Date Written In Beans 1/1/2013

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Polls suggest that anywhere from 38-65% of people resolve to either lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle in the New Year. Have you committed to your health this year?  Or, have you decided to focus on your professional goals instead?  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention would encourage you to focus on your health first.  Here’s why:

-Healthier people are less likely to call in sick or need to use vacation time for illness
-Positive lifestyle choices spread.  If you are healthy, chances are your family will be too and you will not need to miss work to care for ill family members
-Healthier people are more productive at work

Who knew that living a healthy lifestyle would help you in your professional life too?  Most people know they should eat healthier and move more. Often, that is not the best place to start in committing to a healthier lifestyle because it can be overwhelming.  You mean I need to eat better and exercise every day, forever?!  The idea of that can be too overwhelming to start.   Here are some less thought of steps to living healthy.  Checking these things off your list may give you the courage to work on more long term goals like consistent healthy eating and daily exercise.

1.    Schedule a visit to your doctor.  Waiting until your sick is too late.  Figure out where you stand in terms of your cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart rate.  This may help you decide on what to focus on next.
2.    Take a multivitamin.  I see vitamins as an insurance policy.  While it is possible to get the majority of vitamins and minerals we need from healthy food choices, not many people have that type of consistent discipline.
3.    Write down what you eat and drink (or use an App).  Writing down what you actually eat and drink will help you identify patterns and will help health professionals better assist you in setting and meeting goals.
4.    Sleep more!  The Mayo Clinic recommends 7-9 hours for adults.
5.    Define what is important to you. While it is helpful to seek the advice of professionals and input from family and friends may be helpful, determining your goals will be the best way to commit to success.

Here’s wishing that whatever you have committed to for 2013 comes true.


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