Crafting a Marketing Strategy that Starts with Why

Let me clarify first, this is not an Apple bashing party. I own an iPhone® amongst other Apple products and have for many years. I love my phone. But my real question is how did I come to feel so strongly about my phone and Apple’s products in general? What makes me keep buying theirs over all the other perfectly good phones? The answer is one word: Marketing. For as long as I can remember, Apple has been the leader in innovative and creative marketing techniques; sucking in consumers, never to be seen again. But recently, two companies have made me pop my head out of the sand and consider crossing over to the dark side. That dark side? Samsung and Android. These two companies have been crushing the market with a genius marketing strategy, using Apple’s creative techniques against them.

Simon Sinek perfectly explains how Apple markets their products. He shows us that they advertise “Why” they make their products, teaching consumers to love and respect the why and not the ‘what’ and ‘how.’

Apple has gained many dutiful followers (myself included) using this model. But look out Apple, Samsung and Android are back in town. Both companies have released commercials that made me actually pick my T.V. remote up and rewind so I can relive those magical 60 seconds of brilliance. Even more, I am Googling these advertisements and showing them to my spouse, friends and co-workers. Basically, these two companies have found their “why” and I’ve found it inspirational! So many of us jumped on the Apple train years back and never got off  because they were the only company inspiring us. It looks like Samsung and Android sensed that and took advantage.

Apple may have been the innovator of this very persuasive marketing technique, but their competition now may hold the key to Apple customer’s hearts. We’ve been trained to fall in love with creativity and Samsung and Android are the companies producing at the moment. Their products are just as good as Apple’s, always have been. Now their marketing is too. And that may be the deciding factor in sales for these dueling companies. I myself might be asking to see the new Android or Samsung at my next upgrade instead of the iPhone®. And here’s why…

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