Create Social Content Like a Pro Part II

This is part two of the two part blog post, “Tools to Help you Create Social Content Like a Pro.” Last week I highlighted Canva and Fotor, two websites that can be used for photo editing and graphic creation. This week I will be highlighting Hootsuite and Grammarly.

Hootsuite – Hootsuite is probably the biggest time saver on this list. Unlike Canva and Fotor, Hootsuite is a platform for managing your social media accounts. On Hootsuite you can sign into all of you business’s social media accounts in one convenient location, which eliminates the back and forth a lot of people experience when managing multiple accounts. You can use Hootsuite to schedule posts to go out on your social media pages months in advance, however but be sure not to overuse this feature as accounts that simply “set and forget” are generally considered undesirable by most social media users. Hootsuite can also be a really powerful tool for “social listening” which is just a jargony way of saying you’re tracking what is being said about your company online. For this you can simply type in your zip code and the radius that you would like to track and you can see how many people are using your hashtag and/or tweeting about your company, and Hootsuite will give you some basic analytics on all of your posts.

Content scheduling and social listening are just two of the many features Hootsuite has to offer, and while more features are offered in the paid “enterprise” version of Hootsuite you still have access to a wealth of tools in the free version. In fact Hootsuite has so many features that you can become certified in it, or if you want to save yourself $100 you can just take the free courses on the website. If you think Hootsuite might be something you’re interested in implementing for your business you can create an account here or you can learn more about the many, many features of Hootsuite here.

Grammarly – Grammarly is a tool that can be useful for more than just social media, and you can implement everywhere in your business if you so choose. Grammarly is a program that is designed to detect and help fix spelling and grammar mistakes. When you create a free account with Grammarly you can choose to check your text by copying and pasting it in their text editor and then viewing the suggestions it will offer, or you can follow the steps it will show you and install it as an extension to your web browser so that anything you type online will be automatically checked and have suggestions made to it if needed. Grammarly will offer you suggestions for things like punctuation, spelling, increased brevity and style, and more. So, not only will this tool assist you with being concise and using proper punctuation on social media, but it can also be immensely helpful for composing emails or any other written communication, and over time it will most likely make you a better writer. To learn more about Grammarly you can click here to create a free account.

This concludes part two of the two part post, “Tools to Help you Create Social Content Like a Pro.” Hopefully you have found these tools to be useful and plan on implementing at least one for your own business’s social media page.

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