Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s

In the world we live in – everything is instant. Or at least we expect it to be. We want our food to be fast, the line at the grocery store to be quick, and when we order something – we expect it to arrive in the least amount of time.

I believe we are not fully responsible for this type of thinking. With technology being as advanced as it is – and the way we are programmed to operate – in school, in our careers, as parents, or simply just as adults. We are expected to work as if the more we accomplish, the more successful we will be. But what about the amount of stress we endure from this way of thinking?

Although I wish I could say – just don’t work too hard too fast. But we all know that is just not the reality of life, or the reality of society. If you don’t work hard you’re considered lazy and if you don’t work fast then you are considered slow.  The easiest way to slow down the fast paced go-go-go is to cross your T’s and to dot your I’s. I don’t guarantee it will reduce your workload, but I think it will help your work life and your home life feel a little less rushed.

What I mean by this is to take the time to finish one task completely before you bounce off to the next. I have a serious problem at times focusing on one task at a time. With my emails popping up or phone buzzing throughout the day, it can make work harder and the distractions are more of a nuisance rather than a “break.” So if you’re trying to wrap up a project and nothing is too urgent to require an immediate response, let the emails pile up a bit – and really focus in on the task at hand.

Be thorough. Some people like just a yes or no answer. And that is quite alright. But for your own benefit, in every task, every project, and every email – go the extra mile. It’s better to over answer then to be misunderstood.  Just think – the more information you provide, the less questions you’ll probably get in return.

Be proactive! It never hurts to get ahead of the game. But don’t make it an additional stress. If you clean what’s already on your plate – get started on the next task. Getting ahead always pays off in the long run and will clear your mind of any future stress you might have encountered. Especially if it’s something repetitive or something you hate.

For example – I love my house, my car, my life to be clutter free and organized but sometimes life just doesn’t happen that way. I may not have time to do all my laundry in one night, or clean all the bathrooms, or make sure each room is vacuumed. So what I’ve tried to do recently is to accomplish one task a night so I don’t feel overwhelmed on Sunday before the week starts. I’ll do a few loads of laundry a night, then I’ll vacuum another day. Surely enough this has helped me maintain a cleanlier house, and I get everything I want accomplished.

AboutSamantha Dunifon

Samantha Dunifon is a guest blogger for Proforma with a background in operations and event/meeting planning. Originally from Lima, OH Samantha moved to Cleveland in March of 2016. She is a graduate of Bowling Green State University, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing volleyball, and finding good food and fun in Cleveland.

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