Current Trends: Can you dig it?

They say history repeats itself, and the newest popular trends surely show it. It seems society is bringing us back to the summer of ‘69 – so break out your bell bottom jeans and flower crowns to get into the groove of the new era of peace and love. 

Here’s the skinny on how you can make your promotions far out by recycling 70’s styles:

Tie Dye: These days, anything can be tie-dyed, from clothing to shoes to posters. This is a sure way to make your products and messaging pop! And the best part is, it is quite easy to customize the colors and style to match what you want to accomplish. Here are some cool tie-dye products to check out:

Stay Groovy: Some key design features you can use to make your messaging totally tubular are retro flowers and mushrooms, rainbows and stripes, peace signs, and Volkswagen buses. These icons perfectly match the 70’s vibe and will help your brand stay on-trend. Here are some products you could stick these designs on to bring your clients some nostalgia:

Color Pallets: Here are some retro-style colors that could be used to give your product a vintage feel. Also consider just using the whole rainbow to show you’re with the pride of the times.

Fonts: The following font styles may remind you of concert posters and other advertisements used back in the day. They would look groovy with the other design features to  pull together that 70’s feel.

Want to know more about how you can keep your branding in with the cool crowd? Reach out to your local Proforma professional to learn how we can help you grow your business and stay on trend.

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