Death by PowerPoint

I’ve seen hundreds of powerpoint presentations in my day and frankly, most of them were, to put it lightly, awful. PowerPoint is a great tool to utilize. Often times it can help communicate your ideas in a much more creative and visual way then just your words can. But when used improperly or poorly, especially in the marketing and promotions world, PowerPoint can actually end up doing considerable damage and can wind up being more harmful then helpful.

If your PowerPoint presentation is dated, unprofessional and out of touch, chances are that’s how you will perceived as well. How will prospective clients or colleagues take you, your work, and your abilities seriously if they’re not impressed by your initial presentation?

Instead of rambling on about the do’s and don’ts of PowerPoint, I thought I’d share with you a (you guessed it!) PowerPoint presentation about how to put together an effective PowerPoint presentation. I came across this particular presentation on Slide Share, which is a rich resource of PowerPoint presentations both good and bad. It’s a great place to get good ideas and see how your presentation stacks up against the competition.

So without further ado:

[slideshare id=5038209&doc=stealthispresentation-final-100823082633-phpapp02]

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