Direct Mail — Make it Count!

Is this your prospect… bored and barely flipping through the hundreds of identical mailings that are delivered each week?

How do you make your company, your product and your message stand out from the rest?

Be creative!

Don’t allow your message to blend in with all the others!

Make it BIG!

Make it interactive!

Make it memorable!

But most importantly… make it count!

On average, a postcard mailing gets a 4% response rate. Mathematically, if you launch a postcard campaign to 1,000 people, you will get approximately 40 responses.

However, that all changes when you send a postcard that really stands out! Sending a piece (like the one in the images above) almost triples those response rates! Therefore, with the same 1,000 piece campaign, you could expect to get almost 120 responses!

Why do the response rates skyrocket? Because the piece above incorporates four of the key elements needed for a truly memorable mailing:

-Size (The piece above is 12”x15”)

-Color (Who can resist a larger than life Chihuahua dressed in a pink boa?!)

-Uniqueness (This post card is made of plastic and portions are even transparent!)

-The ability to be Interactive (This piece encourages the recipient to pop out the glasses and look at the world through “rose-colored glasses!”)

So the next time you decide to launch a postcard campaign, decide what type of results you want to see… 4% or 12%? Get creative and make it count!

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