Do I Look Like I Care?

People care about the environment – and they want you to know it. A recent study showed that people in Washington were willing to pay up to $1,300 more for a Prius than any other hybrid. Why? Because the Prius is a recognizable symbol that screams “I care about the environment!” And if they are going to drive a hybrid they want you to know.

With Earth Day around the corner (April 22nd), is your marketing showing your customers you care about the environment too? The trend is to look as environmentally conscious as you are, so show them the environment is a priority for you too. Choosing eco-friendly promotional products (and not just for eco-friendly promotions specifically) will send a clear message to your customers and prospects that your company is thinking green.

Ask your Proforma Professional about some of these promotional product ideas that will make a statement:

Grow Cups – Nothing says “environmentally friendly” like bringing nature inside. Share some flower power with colorful plants in these branded recyclable and reusable cups.




Bamboo Flash Drive – Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that looks as environmentally friendly as it is. There are a wide variety of products that come in bamboo, such as pens, key chains, picture frames, kitchen utensils and more.  



Water Saver Timer – This promotional product reminds your customers and prospects to watch their water consumption by timing their showers. Its purpose is clear, environmental and will remind your customers of your priorities every time they jump in the shower. 



                     Mock Coffee Cup – The convenience and look of a “to-go” cup is matched by this sturdy, reusable mug.

                    It is a much more environmentally friendly option that gives your logo some longevity.




Plantable Wine Bag – Present your next wine gift in a bag made of recycled fibers. Your customers can plant their bag to grow beautiful flowers or herbs! This out-of-the-box packaging is a creative way to turn an ordinary bag into an opportunity to shine.



Also consider choosing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper for your next brochure or direct mailer. FSC paper is regulated to ensure everyone handling the paper along the supply chain – from the forest to your desk – is following environmentally friendly procedures. You can proudly display a FSC logo on your printed piece.




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