Don’t Hate, Meditate

In a world that never stops we need to take control of our lives and choose to slow down moments within them. You know the saying ‘don’t blink, or you might miss something?’ That’s kind of how life goes in our society these days. This leads to rushed work, a bad attitude, forgetfulness and stress. But how do we deal? The suggestions are endless: exercise, stop eating an hour before bed, drink two glasses of wine with dinner, and those can work, but some days I just don’t have the time, and even more so, the energy. One way to take a step back, pause and calm down your body is to meditate.

To people who haven’t tried mediation this can be seen as awkward or uncomfortable, but the beauty is that there isn’t a specific way to meditate. The common misconception with meditation is that you can completely control and quiet your mind. That’s just unrealistic. But the more you practice the easier it becomes to calm yourself and refocus.

Many major companies including Apple, Google and Nike, are promoting meditation to their employees because it truly benefits the workplace. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, improve concentration, minimize pain and much more, all which create a healthy lifestyle and work space.

How do you get started meditating?

  1. Find a video/recording that suits you and your needs.

    This will take time. You may listen to one for a few minutes and decide it’s not the correct pace or tone. However, YouTube as well as the app Simple Habit have tons of meditations that can fit specific or general motivations.

  1. Get into a routine.

    Once you have found your safe space, whether that be in bed, in a comfy chair, a conference room, or your car, begin practicing your meditations on a consistent basis. The suggested occurrence is 20 minutes each day. Some people mediate multiple times a day and others only for ten minutes.

  1. Let yourself relax.

    Really try to let go of stress and anxiety while meditating. Take the time to listen and breathe. Your mind will never be fully clear but you can allow yourself to feel peace and recognize how inconsequential your concerns truly can be.

  1. See results.

    As you continue to take time for yourself you will recognize more clarity and self-assurance when you meditate. Allowing yourself time to take a break each day will continue to benefit you in the short and long term.

While the thought of meditation may be out of your comfort zone, give it a chance. Commit to five straight days of twenty minute sessions that fit your needs. After doing so, take the opportunity to evaluate changes you may feel in your personality. Do you feel less stressed? Is going to bed easier? Have you been increasingly more patient? These are all results that can happen for you when you decide to practice continued meditation. Let yourself relax!


  1. Oh my gosh…I meditate most every morning. Most people get so freaked out and think they have to be PERFECT at it and do it for 30 minutes or something. Not true! You’ll see benefits in as little as 10 minutes a day.

  2. Sounds like how I pray each day but with emphasis on God being in control instead of me (which is very challenging for me).

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