Don’t settle for talk – look for actions and results

In the world of business, talk is cheap. That’s why, whether you’re hiring a new employee, forming partnerships, or selecting suppliers, tangible success and reliability is so important. It’s why we ask for references, check websites, and are more likely to trust referrals. After all, anyone can tout their credentials and track record, but what really matters are actions and results

Here at Proforma, we believe in walking the walk. Our commitment to excellence is evident in everything we do, from our unwavering support for our Distributor Owners to our proven dedication to innovation and growth. We’ve invested in our proprietary eCommerce platform, with over 10,000 stores and counting. Our marketing solutions are both creative and consistent, and our Success Coaching program is geared toward guidance, accountability, and skill enhancement. However, what we are most proud of is our incredible community of Owners, Sales Professionals, and Suppliers – all solid relationships built on mutual trust and support. 

We have taken the actions needed to establish Proforma as the best in the industry – and the results speak for themselves. With more million and multi-million dollar producers in our industry than any other distributor network, over $650 million in annual sales, and consistent recognition as one of the Top Distributors by prestigious industry publications like Print + Promo Marketing, ASI Counselor, and PPAI’s Top 100 list, we’ve firmly established ourselves as leaders in the field. 

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to scale up your business, streamline your operations, or even explore exit strategies, Proforma is here to help. Do your due diligence and discover why Proforma is the top choice for entrepreneurs seeking to achieve their goals. Then contact us by visiting

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