Dressing Your Brand


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Brand consistency is one of the first rules you will learn in marketing, as it helps your audience learn to recognize your company in a sea of competitors.  Creating a visual impact for your corporate identity keeps your business top of mind.  We learn to market our brand with pens, mugs, business forms, and websites.  You go to appointments with giveaways in hand, hoping to earn a new customer and help them retain your brand.  Keeping your business top of mind requires strategy.  If you aren’t wearing your brand, you’re missing the boat.

You only have one chance at a great first impression, so why not invest in your corporate appearance?  Corporate apparel is often overlooked but can prove to be a valuable marketing tool, adding to the cohesiveness of a team approach to your sales force.  According to Direct Selling News, branded apparel also creates awareness and corporate identity.  It promotes the company culture and helps fill a marketing void.  Douglas Braun, USANA’s Vice President of Marketing and Recognition states that “Branded apparel helps fill the void that traditional advertising fills for current customers and current associates in connecting them with the brand. Advertising is really directed at both audiences. That’s the part I think we miss the most in not doing traditional advertising—the furthering and strengthening of that relationship and connection with the customer and the associate to the brand.”

The choice of apparel isn’t the only important factor; make sure the decorator has clear instructions on keeping your apparel brand compliant.  Make it easy by calling out Pantone colors and designate sizing of your logo and exact placement.  Providing match samples and order pre-production samples will also help eliminate any unforeseen discrepancies.

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