Event Planning Takeaways to Remember

_91Q7054Being ask to join the Proforma family to Convention for the first time, I was incredibly excited and grateful for the opportunity to attend the 2014 Proforma Convention and Family Reunion at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, TX. After spending a couple months preparing for Convention, I was both thrilled and nervous to see mine and my coworkers’ hard work put into action. While there, I quickly realized that Convention, as well as other events your company or business might put on, was an amazing learning opportunity.

Here are some event planning takeaways to remember:

•    Big Event = Small Details — Though I understood before attending that there were several small pieces going into the making of Convention, this concept didn’t sink in until I saw all of the details materialized. From all the different signage to the runners list and flight matrix, the specifics of Convention were planned diligently, forming together to create a successful event. Therefore, when planning an event, I think it is important to be organized and unafraid of accounting for all of the specifics. Though it can be tedious to check for every piece and part needed for an event, it will be deeply rewarding to see all of the planning pay off successfully.
•    Take care of yourself — For me, Convention involved a lot of walking, standing and waking up early. Accordingly, by the end of each day, my mind and body were both exhausted, which is fairly normally when planning for or working during an event. Because of this, I realized how important it is to take care of yourself before, during and even after an event. Choosing comfort over style in regards to shoes and clothing, as well as getting enough sleep every night, can ensure that you function at your highest level. By taking care of your health, you’ll be able to put forth your best effort without feeling held back or hindered by all the hard work you’ll be doing!
•    Be open-minded — Before participating, I was fairly nervous about a lot of things. I was scared that something might go wrong, that it would be difficult or awkward interacting with so many people I don’t know or that Convention might be nothing like I expected. Despite this, when I arrived I decided to get rid of my fears and just go for it, and I’m glad that I did. Events are an excellent way to promote your cause while getting the chance to connect with new faces. Because it is impossible to plan for every occasion, staying open-minded can help you make the best of whatever happens. You can accept whatever goes wrong while appreciating all that goes right, all while having the opportunity to creating lasting memories for yourself and other attendees. Though things might not go exactly as you planned, they have the potential to be even better than you expected!

Planning, hosting or being involved with a large event can be an exceptionally gratifying experience. I hope you are able to learn from my time at Convention and feel better prepared to put on an event, more inspired to get involved, or both! You won’t regret it!

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