Kick Off the Fall Hiking Season with these 5 Promotional Products

Let me start this off by saying that summer is my favorite season. I love hanging out at the beach and swimming in the ocean more than anything. That being said, fall is my second favorite season. The leaves look beautiful, we get to trade in our flip-flops for stylish boots, and the air is filled with scents of apples, cinnamon and pumpkin-spiced-everything. One of the many fun fall activities I look forward to each year is the Fall Hiking Spree at the local metroparks. Sure, you can hike all year-round, but nothing beats a brisk walk through the colorful autumn woods, leaves crunching underneath your boots, as the squirrels and chipmunks scurry about. The change of seasons also provides the perfect opportunity to offer some fresh new promotional products. By now, you’ve probably handed out your fair share of sunglasses, frisbees and beach towels. This fall, turn over a new leaf and consider some of these promotional products:

Flashlight – As the days get shorter, you’re going to need a flashlight to navigate the outdoors if you’re going out past 5:00. You’re also going to need one if you want to properly tell a spooky campfire story – how scary can your ghost story be if your face isn’t creepily lit up with a flashlight while you tell it? Although most hikers probably have flashlights, chances are they’re outdated. Here’s a bright idea – offer your customers some modern alternatives to their old, bulky flashlights (and save them the trouble of buying D-size batteries). With added functions like LED bulbs, cell phone power banks and even bottle openers, your customers will appreciate the upgrade.

Bluetooth Speakers – I love the sounds of nature – birds chirping and leaves blowing in the wind. I also love Rage Against the Machine, though, and sometimes I want to crank up the tunes when we’re hanging out with friends at the campgrounds. Bluetooth speakers, especially those specifically designed for hiking purposes with handles and durable water-proof materials, can completely liven up your entire hiking experience.

Running Belt/Fanny Pack – Sure, a fanny pack may not be the “coolest” looking wearable – but it’s cooler than dropping your phone off a cliff or having to take your backpack on and off whenever you want to respond to a text. Modern designs are a lot more stylish than they used to be, so keep your hands free and your essentials safely packed away on your hikes.

Multi-Tool – If there’s one thing Les Stroud never strands himself without, it’s his trusty multi-tool, but you don’t have to be Survivorman to need one. With tools like a pocket knife, mini saw blade, can opener, screwdriver, wire cutter and pliers all in one foldable unit, this is a very practical promotional product for hikers. Give your customers a multi-tool and you can be sure they’ll take your brand on all sorts of wild adventures.

Disaster Backpack Kit – No one likes to think about worst case scenarios, but your customers will appreciate your foresight when you offer a branded disaster backpack kit. Packed with essentials that they may not have considered needing, like a tube tent, bandages, respirator masks, emergency blankets and survival bars, hikers can count on your brand to have their back – literally.

Tell those sunglasses and beach towels to take a hike and start offering your customers the promotional products they really need for the fall hiking season. What other fall promo products are you planning to offer your hikers? Let us know in the comments.

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