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We’ve all had that “When I grow up, I want to be…” moment in our childhoods. In my case, I wanted to be a full-time optometrist and write novels on the side which, I admit, differed slightly from the other aspiring ballerinas and firefighters in my Kindergarten class. The beauty about growing up and experiencing different things is that you eventually learn what you’re good at – sometimes it happens right away, and sometimes it comes about unexpectedly. Even in your business right now, there are ways that you can start to discover your true niche and grow even further in your career.

It All Starts With Passion. Think about which customers you enjoy working with most and why you like doing business with them. Are you interested in learning more about their industry or demographic? If so, study up! Becoming a passionate expert in a single and unique market is something that not every company has time to do, and you can use that to your advantage.

Take Risks. Get out of your comfort zone – it is only when we are away from the familiar that we learn new things. In this case, channel your fear of the unknown into a chance to discover the unique needs that other companies and markets have. This article from Business Insider touches upon some safe ways to take risks to succeed in new markets.

Embrace Challenges and Failures. Behind most great solutions are huge problems that started the innovation in the first place. Instead of taking challenges and failures as a personal attack, ask yourself, “If this was a failure or challenge of a customer, how would I fix it?” Getting into the mindset of solving a unique problem is the key to finding your niche, but it may require you to look at it from a different perspective – one outside of your own.

Finding your niche is an experience that is unique to each individual. In this video Megan Duckett, Founder of Sew What, discusses the path she went on to find her niche market. You, too, can channel your interests and passions into growth for your business. All it takes is a little risk, a lot of research and that “I can do anything!” attitude that you had back in your Kindergarten days.


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