Five Resolutions to Live by in 2013

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With the close of 2012, many professionals are taking time to set New Year’s resolutions for both their personal lives and for their business.  With so many of us constantly striving to improve our work-life balance, achieve more success and improve on operations management, setting goals is of the up-most importance.  Listed below are five resolutions to help make you more satisfied with your business in 2013.

1.    Break old habits.  
If you always do what you’ve always done, how can you expect different results?  Resolve to try new things in 2013.  If you’ve always conducted your prospecting calls in the morning and haven’t been able to reach the decision maker, try calling later in the afternoon.

2.    Get Organized.  
Is your desk full of papers and unnecessary clutter?  Do you use your planner effectively?  It’s difficult to map the road to success if you aren’t organized.  De-clutter your work space, leaving only the essential tools and paperwork out.   Implement a filing system that will take little effort to keep organized.  Finally, build a business plan that will keep you on track with what you are working on, what you need to work on, and room to adjust or set new goals accordingly.

3.    Don’t sweat the small stuff
Not every idea you have will be the next best thing.  If there are ideas that are not working for you, move on.  Don’t invest a lot of energy into a concept that just isn’t working.  If a technique or business relationship isn’t the right fit, don’t be afraid to walk away.  Focusing on developing new ideas and concepts instead of dwelling on those that are unworkable will improve your business, and your sanity.

4.    Perfect your elevator pitch
Being in sales means you are always in the position to make a great sale.  Perfect your elevator pitch so you are ready the next time someone asks, “So what do you do?”  Networking is an important element in any successful business if you want your business to be recognized and stand apart from your competitors.  Attend local networking events in your area to increase awareness in your market.

5.    Let your service do the talking
Clients listen to what a salesperson can do for them enough times throughout the year.  Instead of just telling them what you can offer, take the time to show them.  Do your research before the initial meeting, work up samples to include in your presentation and inject creativity in every presentation you make.  You want to be remembered for what you can do, not just what you say.  When you win their business, don’t let it run on autopilot.  Be attentive throughout the delivery and follow up with your client after completion to make sure they are satisfied.  Being a trusted partner means staying ahead of their needs from the initial prospecting effort to the final delivery of your service.

Set a list of goals for 2013 and make a plan to accomplish them throughout the year.  Don’t forget to take some time for you.  A healthy work-life balance is just as important in your plan for success.  Having an opportunity to recharge yourself will ensure you remain healthy throughout the year.

As you set your own resolutions for the New Year, ask your client’s what resolutions they may need help accomplishing.  This is a great opportunity to position your business as a trusted resource!

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