Five Tools to Keep Organized

In the digital age it’s getting harder to cut down on digital distractions and stay organized and focused on your tasks at hand. This can lead to missed deadlines and hectic workdays.

The good news is, you don’t have to do what everyone thinks you’d do in that situation, and “freak out” – here’s five handy tools that I use every day to stay organized and free up much-needed brain capacity for more important things:

1.    Simpleology – I covered this recently here. Simplology is a great tool to keep your day-to-day tasks organized, collect ideas, and decide where you will focus your energy for the day. Their training is excellent and uses a karate-esque ‘belt system’ to track your advancement (I am currently working on my blue belt), and each subsequent belt introduces new features that will keep you on-task.

2.    Unroll.Me – Unroll.Me is a great way to put all of those subscription emails into one email. The system detects your subscriptions which you can decide to lump into your ‘Rollup’ (which is a daily digest) or to unsubscribe altogether. This has personally kept me from reading hundreds of garbage emails – and probably saved me a few hundred dollars on impulse purchases. You can find my original blog post on Unroll.Me here.

3.    Keyring – Do you have a million passwords like I do? All hyperbole aside, unless you’re using the same password everywhere – which I would never recommend for anyone – Keyring is a handy app where you can keep all of your password information secured. It stays on your phone and not on a server somewhere, so you don’t have to worry about servers being hacked and having your entire digital life uprooted. Find out more about keyring here.

4.    Evernote – This has been a staple in my organization skills for quite some time. Evernot is basically a digital notepad on steroids – save your notes, make audio notes, upload pictures and more. I covered Evernote here and it’s worth a download. The best part? Your notes sync, so whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, or your mobile device, you can see all of your notes and update them in real-time.

5.    Google Forms – Google Forms has been a real life-saver anytime I’ve needed to collaborate with someone on a project. You can create a spreadsheet and share it with anyone that has a Gmail account. You can control who has permission to view and edit, and the form gets updated in real-time as users make changes to it. It also has a chat feature in case you need to have a quick discussion. You can check out Google Forms here.

Until Next Time,
Tom Zobel

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