Focus On: Moments of Recognition

The two most powerful words in the English language are “thank you!” A simple gift or act of gratitude can make all the difference in the world to someone. The people that make up every step of the business cycle yearn to be appreciated and recognized. This is why it’s important to make your employees, clients, and prospects feel valued and seen. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some practical ways you can show recognition in your place of business! 

  1. Functional Recognition
  2. Personalized Gifts 
  3. Cards and Kudos 

      Functional Recognition 

      In the world of corporate praise and recognition there has never been a better time to break free from the ordinary. Traditional plaques and awards, while undoubtedly meaningful, often end up collecting dust on office shelves or hanging silently on walls. While they may serve as reminders of achievements, they lack the vitality that a functional gift can bring to the table. 

      Functional gifts, those that offer utility and enjoyment beyond mere aesthetics, have emerged as a powerful way to show appreciation to employees, clients, or prospects. Whether it’s a mini cornhole board for impromptu office tournaments, a set of stylish rocks glasses for after-hours relaxation, or custom-branded apparel that exudes personality, these gifts not only make the recipient feel valued but also enhance brand visibility. In fact, a recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) found that promotional products like these can generate an average of 3,300 impressions over their lifespan.(1) That’s 3,300 opportunities for your recipient to leave a positive and lasting impression of your brand, all while making them feel truly appreciated.  

      Functional gifts bridge the gap between thoughtful recognition and strategic branding, turning every occasion into a win-win for both giver and receiver. Why stick with the mundane when you can elevate your recognition game with gifts that keep on giving? 

      Personalized Gifts 

      Personalized gifts have the potential to foster emotional resonance, recognize individuality, and prove to the recipient they are valued. Whether it’s for a client, prospect, or employee, a personalized gift goes beyond corporate cookie-cutter presents. The personal touch evokes positive emotions and creates a sense of connection and loyalty.  

      Personalized gifts could include anything from a gift card to their favorite restaurant to a framed photo of their first day at your company. This type of gift creates meaningful connections, helps you stand out from the crowd, encourages word-of-mouth marketing, and can result in increased customer engagement. You can read more about the impact of personalization here

      Cards and Kudos 

      You’ve likely heard of The 5 Love Languages. The best-selling book by author Gary Chapman identifies five ways people say they feel the most loved. Chapman found that the most common love language among 10,000 respondents was words of affirmation.(2) This isn’t limited to romantic relationships. Employees, clients, and prospects also want to feel loved (or at least valued and appreciated) in the workplace! 

      Telling those around you that you appreciate all the hard work they’ve been putting in, that you loved the way they handled a particular project, or even that you like the positive attitude they carry with them can go farther than you think. Plus, kind words and verbal recognition won’t cost you a single cent! So why not make the conscious effort to boost morale with kudos for those in your process? 

      You can even take it a step further and write it out in the form of a card or e-card. Verbal kudos are nice, but are quickly forgotten or often do not land as effectively as something more permanent like a written sentiment. There are so many creative options for different types of physical cards as well as animations or videos in e-cards – why not take advantage and leave a lasting impression of appreciation for someone you value in the workplace? 

      The Takeaway 

      The numbers continue to prove that recognition is extremely important. Showing appreciation benefits both the recipient in terms of elevated self-esteem and receiving a reward for hard work, as well as the giver, who in turn receives a higher likelihood of retention and loyalty. Recognition and appreciation are cornerstones of a healthy workplace and it’s vital to acknowledge everyone you value. 

      Contact us today to set up a call with a dedicated member of our team who will assist you in finding effective ways to show recognition for your employees, clients, and prospects that cultivate a flourishing work environment and meaningful partnerships. 

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