Do You Follow Through?

Image courtesy of Bill Morrow's photostream

Image courtesy of Bill Morrow’s photostream

In this modern age of technology it’s super easy to communicate with people. Most of us have smartphones and are able to access emails and messages almost instantly. However, for as easy as it is to receive and disseminate information, it’s become just as easy to ignore it and not send a response.

Not everyone’s good at follow through.

I’ve had a few people send me messages on LinkedIn, asking me if I’d like to be a part of a focus group or if I’m interested in X or Y. I respond, express a little interest and ask a few questions.

And that’s it. That’s the end of the conversation.

Now I get we all have busy lives, and I’m a patient individual, so I understand when someone doesn’t get back to me for a few weeks. That’s normal. But when you don’t respond at all it sends a message, and that message is that you don’t care.

I’m not talking about spam. I don’t expect you to reply to everyone selling you weight loss pills or snake oil. However, a response – even if it’s not the one the response recipient is looking for – is better than no response at all. It at least tells the other person you read the message. You are not leaving him or her wondering what the outcome is, until enough time passes that he or she realizes you flat out aren’t responding.

So here’s my plea to you, dear readers: respond to your messages. Follow through. People appreciate a ‘sorry’ or a ‘no’ better than no response at all. Tweet at me @TheRealTomZobel and tell me your thoughts on the matter.

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