For the Love of Swag: Non-Profits

Non-profits are like any other business in that they need to promote themselves, what they do and the services they offer.  However, unlike traditional businesses, funds are usually limited or low so it is especially important to be selective about the promotional items you select.

T-shirts help identify volunteers and increase your visibility in the community.  Shirts can also be used as a fund raiser for specific projects or for general operating needs.  Although money is always a concern, opting for the cheapest T is not necessarily the best choice.  Buy a nice quality, but reasonably priced shirt. You want the recipient to wear the shirt to stay front of mind and cheap quality shirts end up stuffed in a drawer- which makes them useless to your cause.

Decals & stickers help identify your volunteers and donors and help them show pride in your organization.  Static cling window decals or removable adhesive stickers for the back glass on their vehicle are popular and easy to mail to donors.  These are also inexpensive giveaways for charities to use at events to increase awareness and draw attendees to your table so you can teach them more about your services and goals.

Items that are relevant to your charity or non-profit that can be “purchased” by donors then given to those you assist is another way to raise funds and help those in need.  For example, if you help new mothers, then diaper bags would be a perfect choice.  Or if you are a dog rescue, doggie bandannas or dog collars present a perfect opportunity for fundraising and bring awareness to your organization.

Holiday ornaments are a way to say thank you to your donors, volunteers and staff over the previous year and commemorate the work you have accomplished.  Flat seed paper, metal or wood ornaments mail easily.  Traditional round ball ornaments can create a series from year to year with dates and different designs.

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It has been said that the best things in life sometimes happen by accident, which is exactly how Rhonda Reedy, co-owner of Barefoot Swag powered by Proforma, began her career in promotional products. After a brief time working as a sales manager at a radio station after college, Rhonda realized that “working for the man” was not her thing, but she had fallen in love with advertising. A friend suggested she look into promotional products and now, over 25 years later, she still looks forward to bringing new ideas, creativity and solutions to her clients every day. Barefoot Swag powered by Proforma has offices in North Carolina, Michigan and Oregon and works with a variety of clients throughout the US, Canada and around the world. Each day presents a challenge and a new opportunity to “think outside the box”, which Rhonda thrives on. When not immersed in all things swag related, Rhonda can be found hiking with her dogs, drinking wine, traveling or fly fishing.

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