How to Get a Promotion

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Have you been in your current job position for a while and you are starting to feel stuck? Are you ready to take your career to the next level and move up the corporate ladder? If you are, follow these tips so moving up the ladder can be an easy climb for you!

•    Work for a company that offers you room to grow. The first thing you should check is if you work for a company that will allow opportunities for advancement. If so, double check that the company is doing well and growing. You don’t want to stay at a company where they haven’t advanced in a while.

•    Apply yourself in your current position. Being on time to work, good attendance and a willingness to go the extra distance will look great on a performance review and will help you get a promotion over someone who is never on time, calls off and turns down projects left and right.

•    Make sure your boss knows you want a promotion. Telling your supervisor about your career goals and that you would like to grow with the company isn’t a bad thing. It lets the supervisor know that you want to stay with the company instead of looking elsewhere. Employers would rather keep a good employee than lose you to another company because you wanted to move up the corporate ladder.

•    Apply for jobs within the company. If you find out that Susie is leaving her role as marketing manager and that is something you want and are qualified for, apply for the position. Talk to the human resources manager, your boss, etc. to make sure you are considered for it. When you apply take the process seriously. Just because you already work for the company doesn’t mean you have this in the bag. Someone outside of the company could be more experienced than you.

•    Gain new skills. If you have your bachelor’s degree think about going back to school to get your master’s. If going back to school is out of the question, sign-up for seminars that fall within qualifications that would help you get considered for more positions.

•    Seek employment outside of your current company. For whatever reason, if you are stuck in your position and you hit a wall with your current company, start looking elsewhere for better opportunities. You need to do what is in the best interest for your career. If your company doesn’t offer career advancement or you aren’t considered for a new position, they will understand your decision to leave to benefit yourself.

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