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As the 2023 season is coming closer to an end, finding time for new interests, reaching those unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions you lost sight of, and working to improve your business can feel quite time consuming. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine and overlook significant goals that could have been accomplished sooner, especially when it comes to your business. But one thing you shouldn’t let fall to the wayside is expanding your brand’s outreach, as this is critical in gaining new clientele, building relationships, obtaining insights on how to better improve your business, and more. Luckily enough, attending a trade show presents the perfect opportunity to put the critical objective of effective outreach into practice.  

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of trade shows and how you can elevate your business’s presence at these events through key print and promotional marketing opportunities.  

  1. Impact of Trade shows and Forming In-Person Relationships
  2. Standing Out Through Signage and Promo  
  3. Benefit of Accessible Print Materials 

      Impact of Trade shows and Forming In-Person Relationships 

      One of the most efficient ways to elevate your business is by gaining exposure to the right audience. You may have heard of exhibitions where companies bring awareness to their products and services, otherwise known as trade shows. Well, the numbers show that these events are incredibly effective. About 70% of businesses that attend trade shows can generate new leads and build brand recognition. (1)  These leads can then translate into brand loyalty, lasting relationships, and increased sales margins.     

      Another upside of trade shows is that the value of in-person events is much higher than virtual meetings. When face to face with potential clients, it is much easier to form relationships at a personal level. According to the Washington Post, research has proven that face-to-face interactions are 34 times more effective! (2) Nowadays, with the emergence of remote work, making a lasting impression is highly important. This doesn’t only pertain to interpersonal interactions – a product or service has a better chance of forming enriching connections and creating a bond between consumers and the product/service offered when put directly in front of end users.    

      By meeting prospective clients, your business can also generate feedback from individuals to elevate your brand. Trade shows provide the opportunity to educate audiences on new products and services, but they also allow consumers to provide valuable insight into how you can improve your messaging, customer service, products and services, and more. Attending these events will also allow you to remain informed on your current competition and take action to differentiate your brand and stand out against those competitors. After all, knowing what your competitors are up to will allow you to figure out how to perform at a higher level and maximize your success!  

      Standing Out Through Signage and Promo  

      Now, you’ve been briefed on the importance of attending trade shows, but that’s the easy part – standing out in a trade show room full of businesses can be harder than it seems. With fun gadgets, promo items, and free samples offered, they can distract individuals from paying attention to your brand. Why not take action to get noticed through unique displays?

      When driving on the highway, you might notice the distracting billboards on the side of the road. Of course, not all these billboards are distracting or grab your attention; rather, it is only certain brands with unique advertising that really manage to stick in your brain. The trade show floor works similarly to the oversaturated landscape of the highway. To get your brand noticed at trade shows, custom signs or banners should be strategically used to grasp the attention of new leads. This type of marketing technique allows you to increase the visibility of your brand and create a memorable experience for those in attendance. 

      And the possibilities for distinguishing yourself don’t end there. As mentioned before, promo items can be very enticing while in a trade show room. When businesses display the promo items that they offer in person, people can get a real feel of what the product entails. Having these promo items on hand gives consumers a taste of the product and increases their desire to learn more about your company’s business. Also, who doesn’t love a free product sample?  

      Benefit of Accessible Print Materials

      Translating logos, a brand message, or company information onto print material can help your company get noticed. In a recent study from True Impact, it was found that “direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process.”(3 This information suggests that print material is much more memorable than online material as it provides an immersive experience. We live in a world of being constantly glued to our phones and tablets, and having the chance to read some old-fashioned print can be a breath of fresh air. Providing these types of materials at trade shows can aid attendees in understanding the benefits of your company’s offerings and offer some novelty that sets you apart from the rest. 

      Plus, while in the business world, finding new and unexpected contacts can occur quite often…and no place is that truer than at a trade show.  Being prepared for these interactions is pivotal to building new relationships, and having printed material on hand to pass out will help in answering questions, pointing people to additional resources, or providing contact information for keeping that line of communication open.   

      Using printed material is easy, and convenient, establishes credibility between your business and consumers, and enhances the perception of your business. And there are endless opportunities available to you through printed materials such as catalogs, booklets, posters, and more. With so many advantages and trade shows presenting the perfect territory to get your printed materials directly into the hands of consumers, the question should never be why print…it should be why not

      The Takeaway 

      Increasing brand recognition is vital, and trade shows just so happen to provide the perfect setting. Form in-person relationships, create a lasting impression, increase the likelihood of consumer retention, reach new audiences, and more by attending a trade show and being equipped with the print and promotional materials you need to make the absolute most out of your experience.

      Contact us today to speak with a Proforma representative who will help you maximize your brand recognition at trade shows and other upcoming events. 

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