Get Creative with Guerilla Marketing

If you’re looking for a unique, fun and unusual way to get the attention of prospective customers, guerilla marketing may be exactly what you’re looking for.

So what is guerilla marketing and how can it be used to give your business that extra push? Defining guerilla marketing can be a bit challenging because it encompasses so much. Like guerilla warfare, it is unexpected, abrupt, coordinated and in many cases very effective. To further clarify, it is the use of any unconventional methods or mediums to get people talking about your business.

When done properly, guerrilla marketing doesn’t have to break your budget. It can be as simple as creating a clever flyer or printing signage to alter natural structures or landmarks. But in order to be successful, it must be creative.



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Marketing moves like these often attract a great deal of positive attention for their clever use of space and imagery. It’s important to avoid the urge to overtly sell with these campaigns, though, because you’re likely to lose your audience’s interest. The goal is to intrigue and entertain. Every aspect of guerilla marketing needs to feel authentic and completely intentional. It requires you to think about your ideas from every possible angle, understanding how people will view it.

So where do you start? Begin by asking yourself three questions:

  1. What is the goal?
  2. Who are we targeting?
  3. How are we most likely going to catch their attention?

It extremely important to not do anything that invokes a negative reaction from your audience. Though you want their attention, you don’t want to do anything that causes fear, irritation or panic. Aside from that, when it comes to guerilla marketing, there really is no wrong answer as long as it is unexpected, non-traditional and memorable.

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