Give Back to Clients and Business Partners this Holiday Season

The season of giving is upon us. In our personal lives, we are frantically searching for the hottest toys, the newest in fashion and the “must-have” tech gadget for our family and friends; but what about those special people in our professional life? From the business partners that aid us each day in our successes to those VIP clients that make us the company we are today; those folks deserve a gift or two as well. Taking the extra time to thank and wish your clients and business partners a great Holiday Season is the ultimate business booster. The gifts you give can build solid relationships and secure potential future business.

Having trouble picking the perfect gift within budget? Here are a few ideas…

Anything Edible
Edible gifts may be the one item that you can guarantee to be enjoyed and used/consumed. Some of these treats have the option of custom molds, allowing for an extra personal touch. From chocolate boxes to assorted nut and fruit sets, these edible items will surely make their way around the office of your valued clients.

Outside the Office
Look into sending items that your valued associate can use outside of the workplace. Beautifully crafted scarfs, cozy fleece blankets or custom cocktail sets allow your gift to be enjoyed in your client’s home with family and friends, giving your gift a bit more meaning. Now your brand is a part of those happy memories being made.

You have done business with these fine folks for some time if they have made it to your VIP list. You must know a little bit about their likes and dislikes, so use that to your advantage. Is your client a huge Cleveland Cavaliers fan? Send some team fanfare as thanks for their hard work. Gift them a certificate to their favorite lunchtime eatery that they can’t stop talking about. Such a personal gift means that you pay attention, not only in your business dealings but in your working relationship as well.

Step outside of the Holiday Card box and send a gift that truly displays your thankfulness for all they do for you and your company year round. Relationships in business are so very important. To a partner or Vendor, the fact that you took the time to select and send something will move mountains. Down the road, when you reach out for a favor or an eleventh-hour request, that thoughtful holiday gift will come in handy.  Imagine how your client will feel when they receive a gift from your company thanking them for their business? Your thoughtfulness just might secure some long-lasting business.

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