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“Going Green” has become top-of-mind for many people these days. Everyone is concerned about the environment and what to do to help put a stop to pollution, globe warming, etc. You probably have concentrated on making your home more eco-friendly, but what about the place where you spend 40+ hours a week?  Your workplace may be the least eco-friendly place you come in contact with so why not change it?

Below are some tips to help you and your office go green:

Stock Reusable Supplies – Switch to non-disposable kitchen supplies such as cups, towels, spoons, forks, etc. You can also find green versions of many common items such as toner, ink and light bulbs. At any office, you still need paper, so try and use chlorine-free paper or look for paper that has been made with more sustainable substances like bamboo, hemp or organic cotton.

Lighting – Use natural light. Open the shades and let daylight in. And of course, don’t leave the lights on when everybody has gone home for the day. Install motion sensors in conference rooms. I can’t tell you how many times I walk around my work and notice a conference room with the lights on and no one in there. The motion sensors will turn on when someone passes in front of it and switch off after a certain amount of time with no movement. Did you know that compact fluorescent bulbs use 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, and they will last about 10 times longer? By switching you will save on energy costs, replacement bulb costs and reduce waste by using them.

Eliminate Waste in Printing – How many times have you printed a document to discover that the last page only has a web address at the bottom? Before you print the document, do you really need that document printed and stored in your desk drawer probably to never be looked at again?  Is it necessary to print out a meeting agenda for every member? Or can you incorporate it into a slide show, or send it out by email?

Computer – Turn off your computer whenever you’re not using it, especially when you leave work.  Setting the computer to sleep mode when you are away for short periods of time is better than using a screensaver. Screensavers use energy rather than save it. If possible, switch to a laptop versus a desktop, since laptops use less energy than desktop computers.

Miscellaneous – Use cleaning products that are eco-friendly. Green cleaning products protect the well-being of your cleaning staff, your employees and also the environment. Then go green — literally. Make your office green with plants! They absorb airborne pollutants and restore healthy oxygen back into the air. Having some plants in the office also makes it a more comfortable setting for everybody.

Recycle – There are many items in your office that are recyclable. If you do not have a recycling bin, start one! Some items that are recyclable are envelopes and magazines, cardboard boxes, pop cans and plastic bottles, aluminum foil, plastic bags, ink cartridges and light bulbs.

With these helpful tips you will make your office space more environmentally friendly in no time!

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