How to Handle Workplace Criticism

Image courtesy of David Wall's photostream

Image courtesy of David Wall’s photostream

You just finished a difficult project that you spend countless hours working on, skipped happy hours with coworkers and pushed other projects aside to make this project your shining moment. You are about to head home when your boss is turning the corner and is giving you a list of things that he or she would like to change and some things you need to improve on. No emotion can describe what you’re feeling at this moment so you keep a straight face until your boss walks away. You want to scream, kick and cry. Truthfully, no one likes to be told that expectations haven’t been met, but sometimes the truth of the matter is that marks aren’t always met and changes may be needed.

Learning how to accept criticism is a vital component of doing your job well. Keep the following in mind when you get your next round of changes or edits back:

No one is perfect – You are a human being and humans make mistakes. We are not perfect by any means. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes so you can improve on your next assignment.

Double check your work – Before you submit your work to your boss, be sure you have double checked everything. Print out a physical document of your work; it is easier to check than skimming it on your desktop. Also, have a coworker proof it. They may see something you may have missed. Double checking your work can help you avoid mistakes and guarantee that your boss will see your work for how you intended it.

Listen carefully – When your boss is giving you helpful tips to improve your job performance, don’t ignore their comments. Take notes and listen carefully. If your boss gives you a tip and you can use it on another project, they will notice and it will make you look better by showing them you can take criticism and apply it correctly to your job.

Don’t take it to heart – Remember that your boss is trying to help you and not make you feel worse.  When at work you should set your personal feelings aside and get the job done.

Don’t hold a grudge; move forward – After you and your boss have your meeting, don’t act annoyed, upset or angry. Put the mistakes out of your mind and focus on putting your best foot forward and doing the best possible job on your next task.

Remember, no one is perfect and mistakes will happen. You can use these tips on your next task so your next project is amazing.

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