Help Fight the Good Fight: Fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness

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A couple of years ago, I was cheering on friends running a race when I noticed multiple runners wearing pink shirts, participating in memory of their loved one who had passed away from breast cancer. Although the pink shirts made them stand out, it was the phrase on it (which I later found out is a bible verse) that has stuck with me:

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.”

While their family member or friend’s journey here had ended, these runners picked up where she had left off, helping to fight one of the most common cancers among women. They were keeping the faith.

To keep fighting the good fight like these runners were, there are multiple events and fundraisers you and your business can participate in so one day, there is a cure for breast cancer. Whether you donate a door prize, sponsor a hole or organize the event, there is no doubt you can make a difference. Here are some great events to plan, or become a part of to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research:

1.    Run/Race: Some people race in memory of loved ones in any type of run, such as the group of people I saw sporting the pink shirts. However, there are many races organized each year dedicated solely to raising money for breast cancer research. From the Susan G. Komen® 3-Day Walk that covers 60 miles in three days, to smaller community events like Cleveland’s The Race that is a one-mile walk and run, there are plenty of races to participate in and support.

2.    Golf Outing: Last month, a golf outing held in memory of my cousins’ aunt attracted around 140 golfers…and raised nearly $12,000! With the help of numerous volunteers and generous donors who sponsored every hole, this event helped thousands of people in their fight – and honored a woman who never gave up. The same success can be experienced by others willing to put the time and energy into organizing an outing.

3.    Bake Sale: Maybe running and golfing aren’t among your best skills – but baking is! Coordinate a bake sale at your church, local grocery store or another location with lots of traffic. If you are a business owner with a good storefront location, volunteer your site as a place to set-up and sell. People will be able to enjoy the sweet treats, and all the money raised will go to a good cause.

4.    Formal Gala, Silent Auction or Raffle: All of these events require donations and people who are willing to help, but they are terrific ways to raise a substantial amount of money at one time. They are also a great way to get the entire community involved and for businesses to make their contributions. I’ve been to events where businesses have donated gift baskets, handcrafted items, gift certificates and more – really, anything goes.

5.    Car Wash: This seems like the perfect opportunity to get everyone in your family lending a hand to find a cure for breast cancer. Again, take advantage of connections in the community and find businesses (or your own) willing to allow you to set-up your car wash in the parking lot. Most of all, involve the kids. They love to help, especially when they know they are making a difference.

Help continue on the course to finding a cure. Use your talents and resources to raise awareness and funds so everyone can keep fighting a good fight.

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