Here Are 3 Ways to Gain More Business by Integrating Promotional Products To Your Mix


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You’ve been marketing to your clients through one line of communication and it’s worked out, done its job. You keep in touch with your customers with mailers and coupons, which is just one great avenue to advertise to your customer base. Unfortunately you’ve pigeonholed your marketing efforts by only using print. On a positive note, obviously your client is happy with the business you are currently doing; you’ve got the sales to prove it! For the sake of argument, let’s say you want more. More business, more sales, more clients, more everything. How can you gain all of the business from your clients and other prospects and not just by using the weekly newsletter sent? Here are a couple of ideas to help you in the climb.

Attach a Product to Your Print.
Your customers receive a regularly scheduled brochure in the mail. Every month you are supplying these folks information on your company that may or may not end up in the recycling bin. In addition to those consistent print deliveries, attach a branded magnet for your client’s convenience. Sending an appointment reminder? Throw in fun cell phone wallet with your company’s logo on it. Perhaps a branded mini screwdriver would be helpful to those long-time customers always using your services. Sending these additional items are thoughtful and conversation starters that hopefully ease the door open for discussions about what you offer as a company.

Market to Existing Clients.
Ever heard of the saying, your next great customer is already a current client? Well that is exactly true. Your next new sale is probably right under your nose. You have been doing some sort of sales with these folks and have established trust in your business relationship. So how do we produce new sales from existing clients? Ask for a lunch meeting or any meeting for that matter and provide your clients with a presentation specifically catered to them. Review projects you created for them and great past reviews from other customers. Highlight your brand with fun leave-behinds and quickly but efficiently showcase all of the new resources, products or service you can provide to them.

Check-in Regularly Bearing Gifts.
If you aren’t already, you should be visiting your clients regularly. The relationship that you create with your customers has an enormous effect on your sales. I personally lean towards companies that I have a great comradery with when I could probably get what I need from four other places cheaper. But I trust and genuinely like them, trumping cost.  How do you position yourself in this favorable manor? Gifts. From chocolate gift sets and office accessories to apparel and trendy tech gadgets, these fun and thoughtful presents will win the hearts of your clients and that next project.  These gifts let your client know that they are important to you. Have out-of-town clients? Try to communicate with them on a regular basis via phone or email and make sure send your gifts in the mail.

You’ve done the hard part; you actually are doing business and making sales with this company. Take advantage of the situation and don’t settle for just average. Keep working to build that great relationship and watch your sales grow.

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