Here’s Why You Should Hire an Athlete

English: 1893 Auburn University football team

English: 1893 Auburn University football team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Attention business owners and hiring managers…are you currently looking to hire a new employee but are having trouble finding someone with relevant industry experience? If so, you may want to consider hiring an athlete. Athletes have many life skills that translate well into the business world even though they may not have the specific experience. Check out these athlete assets:

•    They’re team players. Athletes are used to being on a team, making friends with many of their teammates and also encountering a teammate who they may not like. An athlete is able to put aside their feelings towards anyone on their team and get the job done in order to win.

•    They’re competitive.It doesn’t take a genius to know that athletes love to compete. They realize that if they don’t practice and train, they won’t make the team. If they don’t put in the time and effort to be the best, they will lose their position. Having that competitive spirit will push them to excel in life. No matter how simple or complex the situation is, an athlete will always strive for excellence.

•    They can handle criticism. Athletes are used to receiving criticism. Coaches, fans, friends and family will all criticize an athlete at some point in life, but the biggest critic is always themselves. Athletes push themselves to prove they are worthy. This will also transfer into their work.  Criticism causes athletes to rise to the occasion, not crumble and be defeated.

Many employers are looking for people with “industry experience”.  My hiring philosophy is Hire for Character, Train for Skill. Athletes are a perfect example as they are team players, competitive, coachable and able to handle pressure.  I guarantee that with those characteristics already firmly in place, you will have no trouble training on your particular product or skill.

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