Holiday Cheer in the Workplace

Image courtesy of Jim Lukach's photostream

Image courtesy of Jim Lukach’s photostream

The time has come, fellow professionals. The Holiday season is approaching and there is no turning back.  As we speak; my coworkers are conjuring up ideas on how to one-up each other for Halloween.  As we dive into the November and December months, stress tends to follow us into our lives, both professionally and personally. Shopping, baking, family, parties and more shopping becomes a daily occurrence in addition to deadlines, projects and meetings. Instead of your busy schedule strangling you, learn to embrace the jingle bells and cornstalks at home and work.

•    Embrace the spirit! Don’t be a scrooge around the office. Have a cookie, or throw your name in the gift exchange. Sign-up for the Thanksgiving pot-luck and attend the holiday work party. All of the energy you expend going against these activities will just make you more miserable. You don’t have to wear a Santa hat, nor must you volunteer for the caroling group that sings throughout the building; just enjoy the happy holiday buzz around you.  

•    Acknowledge all traditions. Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa all fall relatively close to each other in the month of December. In today’s society, we must be politically correct in business. Again, instead of having such negative feelings towards a religion or practice that is not yours, try to embrace them! Those twelve candles won’t burn you, nor will the stocking hung on your co-workers cubicle rob you of your sight. Expanding your knowledge of all the celebrated holidays will have you being well rounded in connecting with your clients and employees.

•    Time to celebrate! As an owner or manager, give the gift of actual time. Employees could never ask for a better present or act of kindness then having time-off around the holidays without having to dip into vacation or sick time. How productive is your company the day after Christmas or Thanksgiving? Would your company be more profitable in and outside of your businesses walls by giving the time off and closing your doors for those days? A happy and satisfied employee will no doubt work harder and more efficient because of this gesture.

So dare to wear a little red in December! Embrace the happiness and joy that comes along with the holiday season and relish in the goodwill that will spread through the workplace during this time. Your co-workers, employees, friends and family will rejoice right along with you.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!

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