Holiday Hustle Before the Bustle

Christmas…in July? As the summer sun graces us with warmth, gearing up for the holiday season isn’t just for people who need a mid-year, holly jolly pick me up – savvy businesses are also jumping on the trend to get a head start. Planning ahead isn’t just about avoiding inventory issues; it’s a strategic move to account for potential delays and snafus, ensuring your products arrive on time. From custom order cutoff dates—where large quantity and overseas orders can save you money, albeit with extended production timelines—to leveraging lower shipping rates before holiday surcharges kick in during Q3, ordering early – like July early – is the secret to saving big.  

So, let’s dive into a smart checklist to ensure your business not only stays ahead of the holiday rush but also sleighs the season! 

1. Define Your Holiday Message and Aesthetic 

Kick off your holiday order prep by deciding on the message and aesthetic you want to convey. Whether it’s a heartwarming sentiment, a festive vibe, or a mix of both, having a clear vision early on sets the tone for all your holiday endeavors and will inform the rest of your decisions for product offerings, giveaways, and more. 

2. Consider Holiday Gifts 

If it’s the thought that counts, then take the time now to put some thought into how to make your holiday gifting items truly special. In a sea of gifts, how will you make sure yours stand out? Whoever your recipients are, the aim is to create a lasting impression reflective of the holiday spirit. Consider investing in personalized items, festive swag, or custom prints that seamlessly align with your brand and convey the message that you’re going for.  

3. Time Things Properly 

A big part of impactful holiday gifting is in the timing. Aside from the obvious point of planning accordingly so that your gifts have ample time to reach their destinations, timing delivery strategically can be another opportunity for you to be creative. Consider the power of surprise and delight! Break away from the conventional December 23rd routine – imagine the surprise of receiving appreciation gifts or awards in November for a heartfelt “ThanksGIFTING.” Or why not ring in the New Year with a thoughtful gesture to encourage your prospects, clients, and employees to start the year strong?  Sometimes standing out from the crowd is as simple as having your holiday gift show up when people least expect it. 

4. Don’t Forget About the Power of Packaging 

While you’re on the trajectory of standing out, just say no to boring boxes! Branded tissue paper, wrapping paper, and shipping boxes help ensure your special delivery is, well, special. The bottom line is that being remembered starts with being different. Let’s work together to make sure your brand stands out this holiday season. 

If you want your holiday season to go off without a hitch… 

Time is of the essence. Work through your holiday timelines, from conceptualization to execution. By tackling these points early on, your business not only avoids the holiday frenzy but also sets the stage for a memorable and stress-free festive season.  

And remember, when it comes to helping make it the happiest of holidays, we’re here for you! Contact us now to discuss your ideas, and let’s turn your holiday vision into a reality. 

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