Host the Perfect Company Meeting or Event

There are numerous reasons you might host a company meeting — planning and strategizing, team building, on-site training, noteworthy lectures or maybe just some corporate-sponsored fun. In order for your event to be truly memorable, look to unique promotional products to make your event shine.

Here are five product ideas to help get you started:

1. Team Apparel. When it comes to team bonding, uniformity is key. Outfit your employees in color-coordinated polos, branded headwear or snazzy zip-up sweatshirts, and team pride will develop naturally. For company outings, it will be obvious that your group is the team to beat.

2. Travel Accessories. Company events tend to take place outside of the office, which means they require a lot of moving from point A to point B. Allow attendees to travel worry-free with giveaways like bags, power banks, Bluetooth® enabled headsets or earbuds, sure to get any event off on the right foot.

3. Room Gifts. Nothing is more welcoming than a surprise hotel room gift. Invest in tech items like a portable Bluetooth® speaker or wireless keyboard, a journal with the meeting itinerary printed inside, or a box of chocolate branded with the company’s logo to impress. Attendees will be pleased to receive a useful memento from their trip.

4. Meeting Room Giveaways. For presentations and meetings, it helps to provide employees with the tools they need. Enlist the help of a leather portfolio or a nice pen that will enable attendees to record important information.

5. R&R Ideas. After a long day of meetings, attendees love a chance to unwind and have some fun. Whether it’s a trip to the golf course or rock-climbing, they will appreciate activity outside the meeting room. Suggest clients invest in non-business promos like branded golf shirts for golf events or T-shirts for company outings to let attendees know their host went the extra mile for the corporate event.

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