How Mobile Marketing Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Mobile marketing has single handedly changed the entire landscape of promotion. The advertising heavyweights have cut back on traditional marketing, looking to capitalize on the newest and hottest ways to market. Not only is advertising a major staple of mobile marketing but 1:1 interaction is only a comment away. Brands are closer than ever to their consumers, giving them the ability to keep a closer on eye on upcoming trends.

Although smaller operations may not have the budget of the McDonald’s of the world – that doesn’t mean that they don’t have many of the same opportunities. Think about what lasting business is built on: relationships.  With all the social sharing, most of which is visual through personal photography, posting links, and pinning images, now is the time to make connection points with your prospects and customers alike. If you’ve developed a prospect list, take a second to see if said prospect is social. Are they an active member on Pinterest or Instagram? These are arguably the most visual social sites out there.

Why not find out what your prospects pin or post, and create relationship building conversation around it?  The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be, and the easier it will be to build relationships with some of your (future) best clients!

Photo courtesy of Highways Agency

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