How Social Media Relates to Search Engine Optimization

Internet users are spending more time using social media sites more than any other activity on the web. For that reason, you must have a social media marketing strategy. Another reason that you need to focus on social media is SEO (search engine optimization.)

So how does social media tie into SEO?

Well, Google and the other search engines are now starting to factor in the obvious conclusion that if your website is interesting, entertaining, useful or otherwise valuable, users are GOING to share the site on social media, they’re going to comment, like, plus, tweet, rate, review, etc. This is just what we do, as social creatures on the web.

Much like how back links played a major role in SEO (links from other sites to your site,) these ‘social signals’ are a sign of approval by users that will give you a boost in the search rankings.


Stay tuned for part 3 of this 3-part video series.


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