How Subliminal Communication Techniques Influence Your Buying Habits

It’s been said that actions speak louder than words, and this proves to be true in a number of situations. This is why subliminal communication is so important. In everything from marketing to conversations, the implied message is often more important that what is actually being said. Here are some ways that you can decode subliminal communication that could help you in business — and life.

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If you’re having a conversation with someone and they fold their arms when speaking to you, this is probably a sign that they’re defensive about what you’re saying, or they’re just not interested. Even if they are responding to your comments and giving the appearance that they are otherwise engaged, it is possible that you may have said something to offend them. If you notice that a person is leaning forward when speaking to you, this subliminal communication is an indication that they are interested in your company, and want to continue with the discussion.

Subliminal communication also happens through tapes and other forms of media. If you’ve ever purchased a tape with nature sounds, chances are there are subliminal messages there that will help you to calm down and relax. The underlying messages should always be lower than the music or outdoor sounds, so that your brain can really pick up on certain positive and energizing themes that can help you to get through the day.

Subliminal communication is the most evident in advertising. Just about all the commercials that you see on television and on the internet have some type of hidden meaning. You’ll need to look at these commercials closely to determine what the ad is asking you to do exactly. Many of the advertisements that you see are implying that you will be smarter, sexier, or more beautiful if you buy products from a particular company. As a consumer, it is your job to sort through these ads to figure out what you really want and need as a shopper.

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Getting your hands on some market research reports will help you to understand subliminal communication much better. You’ll learn about the colors, styles and shapes that appeal to a certain demographic. You’ll also see how certain wording will attract a certain part of society. Music is a large part of subliminal communication in advertising as well, so be sure to watch for this as well.

Taking a look at online sources like YouTube will give you inside information on subliminal communication. You’ll be able to see the commercials you find as many times as you need to. Study them and you’ll get information on how advertisements are done in other countries. Many of the subliminal messages delivered via body language and via other nuances will cross the lines of culture.

As you begin paying more attention to this element of advertising, it will gradually become more apparent. Consider how you can subtly work in subliminal messaging into your own marketing and advertising for increased impact and influence.

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