How to: build the perfect new hire kit

It’s a New Year, which means new beginnings, which in many cases also means…new hires! According to Indeed, the first quarter is prime time for job hunting. (1) For you, this means that the first quarter will see plenty of hungry, eager candidates, a few of whom might find their way into a cubicle (or work-from-home set-up) near you!   

Now, in our very professional opinion, you can’t have a new hire without a new hire kit – for shame! To help you start the relationship off on the right foot, may we kindly suggest you follow the guidelines below to ensure that your new hire kit packs a punch in the most loving, welcoming, and memorable way possible. 

1. Include essentials

When building your perfect new hire kit, make sure you’re sending items the newbie can actually use! Cute doesn’t always mean KEPT. Backpacks or laptop bags, company apparel, office supplies like notebooks and pens, and a tumbler or mug are all safe bets for helping your new employee feel welcomed, and ready for a great first week at work. 

2. Let your company culture shine

First impressions are everything, and the new employee isn’t the only one who should be putting their best foot forward. Now is the time to show a little bit of character and offer some unspoken insight into your company’s culture. Do you want to send a quirky gift like funky socks to send the message that you play as hard as you work? Or maybe you prefer something sleeker and more sophisticated like a leatherbound journal? What you might not realize is what you send says more about your company than you may think, so be selective, make it count, and if it fits your brand – have fun! 

3. Personalize the kit

Sure, personalization can mean embossing items with the new hire’s name or title, but that can be expensive! We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to break the budget to add a personal touch. When creating a new hire kit, consider whether the employee is hybrid or remote. You can also add a touch of customization by taking into account the differing job functions of a new employee – an artist might appreciate a nice sketchbook while IT might prefer drinkware or a tech organizer. You can still batch-create new hire kits while adding a more unique, personal spin that makes the recipient truly feel special.

4. Connect with us

I guess we could have just started with this one. Now, we’ll let the experts at your company cover the actual ins and outs of your company’s particular onboarding process. But when it comes to the new hire kit, a very important component of welcoming the newest addition to your team, we implore you to trust us – after all, we’re kind of the experts here. 

Ready to get started? Contact us today and let’s create the perfect new hire kit to set your employees up for success and leave a stellar first impression! 

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