How to get Your Message Into their Home

We all know that highly useful promotional products are some of the most effective at driving your message, especially housewares. But many automatically assume that means kitchen products… and we get it. Beyond the fact that we all have to eat to survive, it’s the natural gathering place for the family and arguably the most commonly used room in the house.

While we have ideas that go beyond the kitchen, let’s first explore some of the promotional products that are a natural fit for this part of the home. Cutting boards(flexible, hard plastic, bamboo, wood) are a great gift item for new homeowners, to pair with the purchase of high ticket household appliances, remodeling, etc. The flexible cutting boards can fit perfectly into a larger envelope for direct mail. Utensils such as ice cream scoops, spatulas, tongs, serving spoons and basting brushes are items that are useful and will find their way into the hands of your clients frequently- keeping your logo top of mind. Chip clips, pot holders and measuring spoons are items that stay in regular rotation in the kitchen and help create many fantastic memories as families cook and spend time together.

Gifts that can be used throughout the home for years to come create good will and keep your brand in front of the recipient. Coaster sets, picture frames, clocks and rain gauges imprinted with a discrete logo make classy thank-you gifts, gift with purchase, donor gifts or even employee gifts. Candles, mini screwdrivers, spa items, flashlights, tape measures and calendars are useful items at lower price points and are great for general giveaways, trade or home shows, etc. With the options ranging from fleece to Sherpa to wool, blankets make a thoughtful and appreciated gift. Depending on the purpose and budget we can screen print, embroider, heat transfer or laser imprint.

At some point in time, every home is going to have an encounter with illness or injury.  Incorporating items into your marketing for such occasions show that you are caring and compassionate. Hot/cold bead packs, first aid kits, pill splitters & pill holders, tissues and thermometers are items that people hold onto and will be grateful to have when the need arises.

No matter the size of your budget or the type of client you are serving, household promotional items offer a wide range of opportunities when it comes to showcasing your brand.


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It has been said that the best things in life sometimes happen by accident, which is exactly how Rhonda Reedy, co-owner of Barefoot Swag powered by Proforma, began her career in promotional products. After a brief time working as a sales manager at a radio station after college, Rhonda realized that “working for the man” was not her thing, but she had fallen in love with advertising. A friend suggested she look into promotional products and now, over 25 years later, she still looks forward to bringing new ideas, creativity and solutions to her clients every day. Barefoot Swag powered by Proforma has offices in North Carolina, Michigan and Oregon and works with a variety of clients throughout the US, Canada and around the world. Each day presents a challenge and a new opportunity to “think outside the box”, which Rhonda thrives on. When not immersed in all things swag related, Rhonda can be found hiking with her dogs, drinking wine, traveling or fly fishing.

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