How to Make Your Direct Mail Piece Stand Out

In a world of fast-paced digital content, sometimes it’s best to take the old-school route.

Direct mail is a marketing strategy that involves sending a physical letter, package, postcard or brochure to prospects or current customers. Despite being a more traditional marketing option, direct mail pulls impressive results. The average open rate of direct mail is 42%, which is nearly double the average open rate of email. It also pulls a higher response rate than any digital direct marketing option. According to the ANA/DMA Response Rate Report of 2018, the response rate from direct mail is five to nine times greater than that of email, paid search, or social media.

Steps to Standing Out

In order to achieve the best results possible, you need to make sure your direct mail piece stands out. Here are some ways to ensure you leave a lasting impression with your audience:

  • Size Does Matter
    • Choose the right size piece that best reflects your business. Consider your company’s brand when creating your direct mail piece. If your company caters to more high-end customers, perhaps you would use a nice stock paper complete with an envelope. But if you’re sending out a quick ad about a last-minute sale then a postcard might work better.
  • Target Your Audience
    • Determine who your target audience is and keep them in mind as you create your marketing piece. Learn who your audience is, what their purchasing habits are and what type of marketing pieces they’d benefit from. It’s important to know who you’re targeting when you plan your design.
  • Personalization is Key
  • Call to Action
    • Without a call to action, you’re simply sending out a notice that you exist. Make sure it’s clear what you want your targeted audience to do after they receive their direct mail piece. Should they call your company’s number? Visit your website? Download your app? By providing this call to action, you’ll have a clear cut message and a much easier time tracking your ROI.
  • Make it a Campaign
    • Sending multiple direct mail messages with a cohesive theme plays to your advantage. It allows your messaging to stay focused, keeping your company top of mind with consumers. It also serves as a way to show both new and existing customers that you’re a consistent and professional brand.  

Don’t listen to the print haters. Direct mail still has a place in marketing—and a powerful one at that! Get in touch and we’ll help your business achieve its best marketing results, one postcard at a time.

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