How to Read Google Analytics Reports: Basics for 2015

Do you have Google Analytics installed on your website? Having trouble deciphering exactly what all of that data means? If your answer is ‘yes,’ this is the video for you.  I’ll walk you through a very basic overview of what all of the numbers mean, as well as provide a little bit of insight that you can glean from the data.

There are three main areas that I focus on in the video:

–    Audience: How many visitors are you getting? How long are they staying? This is your audience overview. You can also break it down hourly, to find out what the peak times are for your website.

–    Acquisition: How are your visitors getting to your site? Are you being found in search? Your acquisition overview shows you how your visitors arrive at your site, and you can even drill down further to determine if you’re getting a lot of traffic from Facebook or other Social Media platforms.

–    Behavior: What are your visitors looking at when they get there? What pages are the most viewed? Your behavior overview lets you know how your visitors are interacting when they get to your site, and where they are going.

So check out the video to find out how you can make sense of your Google Analytics reports. Keep in mind these are just the basics, there’s a lot more data that your account can offer.

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