How to Stand Out in the Crowd with Direct Mail!

Most of us are active socialites on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest…the list goes on.  Because we participate in online social environments, we also display our professional accomplishments including place of employment, job title, place of residence, as well as your social and professional contacts.  Have you ever wondered why you were the target of a direct mail marketing piece?  (A light bulb should be flickering above your head as you read this)  Your information is out there, and smart marketers and sales people are using it!

The purpose of this post isn’t to inform you of privacy issues.  That’s another topic for another day.  Rather, I’m writing this to demonstrate to you how a little differentiation in direct mail can go a long way.  When you receive those direct mail pieces have you ever been totally wowed?  If the answer is yes; kudos to the sender for thinking outside the box.  But for most of us this is not the case.  Most direct mail is sent in a manila or white envelop or box with little personality, or thought for that matter.  The next time you prepare a direct mailing, try to stand out a little bit.  Make yourself known by coordinating all little things.  And for heaven’s sake, don’t overlook the confetti!

If you don’t believe me, take it from Michael Cornnell from Promo Marketing.  He’s a professional direct mail recipient. Watch the short video here.


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