How your Business can benefit from the 2016 Presidential Race

In the United States, the 2016 Presidential race has begun. Candidates are traveling all over, vying for the people’s votes. Some cities are fortunate enough to hold national televised debates, rallies and the Democratic and Republican conventions. And I don’t use the term fortunate lightly. Day to day life certainly gets hectic when these events are in town, but the exposure and flux of people into a city and/or community heavily outweighs the inconvenient traffic jams. Here’s a few ways your business may benefit if a candidate comes to town.

The amount people that will visit your town will be huge. From the candidate’s entourage and hundreds of press to supporters and fans, your city will be packed! No matter what industry your business may be in, the effects of such a surge of visitors will not go unnoticed. Restaurants and hotels, entertainment and tourist sites will probably see huge, immediate sales but let’s not forget all of the suppliers and partners that keep those businesses moving. This trickle-down effect will provide business to everyone in town.

See what you can provide to the campaigns! And I am not talking about donations to the candidates. What services can you provide that are needed when these folks are in town? Promotional items like yard signs, flags, banners, and so much more are staples of any government campaign. Perhaps your business can provide food and beverage services, transportation, or rental space. If you can exceed their expectations, even a long-term contract can be made for the remainder of their tour and future visits.

You may not support the actual party or candidate that comes through your town. Your interest in politics itself could be non-existent. But a presidential race is a very symbolic and important event. You and your company’s involvement in such an important occasion is something you can be proud of. What a better way to show your professionalism, trustworthiness and integrity as a business, than supporting your country.

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