I Have Spring Fever!

It’s classic “Spring Fever.” To me it feels like as the days get longer, temperatures rise and the grass gets greener… the thought of being at my desk is almost unbearable. When you add cold calling to the mix, well, I’d rather be suffering through seasonal allergies! But cold calling is a vital part of prospecting, so why not put some of that anxious energy into adding some SPRING to your calls!

I am a firm believer that if you feel and sound disinterested on the phone the gate keeper will pick up on it. Being polite is not optional – it’s expected. Gate keepers are paid to screen calls so when they put up a wall, they are just doing their job. This can make your job more challenging; but not impossible. When encountering the gate keeper, keep it short, simple and ALWAYS be polite without being over the top. Never come across as fake or patronizing. Answer the questions he/she asks and remember you set the tone for the call, so if you are nice and happy he/she will respond in a similar fashion.

Once you have identified the decision maker the fun begins. Now is your chance to make a great first impression. You have to get them to listen to you, and give you their valuable time. Manners are key… remember what your momma taught you!  Be sure your voice reflects confidence and eagerness to help them.  This may be your only chance to gain their interest and trust. The initial call may be cold but you can warm them up by sharing the value you can bring to the table.

Incorporating this advice when making your daily cold calls will make the time at your desk a little more enjoyable this spring.  Plus with all that extra money you make from your new appointments, you will be able to afford allergy medicine to get you through your Spring Fever!

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