I’m CASUAL today because…

I carry a water bottle and chap stick EVERYWHERE I go.  They both sit on my desk at work, are next to my bed when I sleep, and on the bathroom counter when I shower.  Much to my brother’s dismay, they even sit on the dinner table during Thanksgiving and Christmas family gatherings.

The best gift I ever received from a boss was a water bottle and a tube of chap stick.  Seriously.  It was THE BEST gift I ever received.  It ranks higher than the extra vacation day AND the $250 mall gift certificate combined.  Why do I place such high value on this gift?  Because it meant that my boss knew me and cared about me as a person.  I was not just another worker bee.

HR reports that in surveys conducted with employees, overwhelmingly employees agree that they didn’t quit their company, they quit their boss.  Many bosses believe that employees quit for more money or better hours.  The truth is; most employees leave because they do not feel valued and appreciated.   You might be thinking that you do not have the time or money to buy your employee presents.  Think about how much time it takes to hire and train new employees!  My challenge to you is that you don’t have the time or money to NOT recognize your employees.  Do it today. 
While I don’t know your employees, here are three no/low cost, low time rewards which might just be the thing to keep your employees from quitting you! 

1. I’m Casual Today because… stickers-Have the recipient proudly wear this adhesive badge all day to show off their accomplishment.  Idea courtesy of www.baudville.com
2. Standing Ovations- Standing ovations do not have to be reserved for celebrities.  Once in a while pick an employee that deserves the praise and coordinate for the whole office to give them a standing ovation
3. Add Handwritten Notes to Paystubs- write a personal note to employees, specifically thanking them for an action they performed during that pay cycle

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