Improve your LinkedIn Profile in Six Steps

Whether you’re looking to land that next big prospect or excited to jump back into the job market, LinkedIn can be a useful tool for prospecting customers or landing a dream job. While it’s easy to set up a basic LinkedIn profile, in order to truly shine, there are a few steps you need to take to stand out from the rest.

Here are my tips for boosting your LinkedIn presence:

Include Detailed Job Descriptions: When you create your LinkedIn account, you will be prompted to add your current and past job titles. While it’s easy to stop there, adding a detailed overview of your responsibilities will give those looking at your profile an accurate picture of your experience. Although “National Account Manager” sounds great, many won’t know what it entails without a description.

Watch your Settings: LinkedIn has this awesome ability to notify your network of any changes you’re making to your profile. While this comes in handy if you received a promotion, started a new job or volunteered recently, nothing will tip your boss and coworkers off more than to see you frantically updating every section of your profile and experience.

Add a Summary: Your summary is a quick snapshot of what you’re all about and where you’re looking to go. It should include the areas you are passionate about, milestones in your career and what you’d like your future to look like. This is especially helpful if your current job title and responsibilities do not reflect your ultimate career goals. While it can be difficult to write a great summary, LinkedIn has created a template with information from your profile to get started.

Customize your URL: When you first join LinkedIn, you’re given a very long and impersonal URL associated with your profile, typically filled with a long string of random numbers. While it doesn’t hurt to keep the URL you are given, an updated URL will look much cleaner and be easier to access, especially if you’re including it on a resume.

Ask For and Give Recommendations: We all know how powerful a recommendation can be for a job interview or client referral, so why not take advantage of them on your LinkedIn profile as well? Reach out to past supervisors, co-workers and clients and ask them to spend a few minutes writing a recommendation. Better yet, give out a few recommendations yourself and see how many return the favor.

Make Connections Count: While it’s easy to jump out of the gate, connecting with everyone you’ve ever met, it’s important to make your connections count. Adding your current colleagues and friends from college is easy, but when reaching out to a client, recruiter or someone you admire, it’s important to customize the message you send to them, introducing yourself and some background as to why you’d like to connect.

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