Influencing Consumers: The King and Business has Returned

Image courtesy of otama's photostream

Image courtesy of otama’s photostream

In Northeastern Ohio, someone has returned home.

And he has brought with him an enormous opportunity for local and national revenue opportunities. T-shirts, jerseys, posters, hats and every other branded and promotional item you can think of, will be needed to supply the diehard fans of #23.

Sports and entertainment figures have a huge impact in today’s world. They consistently are influencing consumers and product makers alike, making sure that if you buy a yogurt it’s because Sophia Vergara told you to do so. Print, promotional and digital media distributors can and should take advantage of consumers fighting over anything that has their favorite sports figure on it.

Look at your area’s sports and celebrity figures, and you’ll see how you can provide the industry with innovative and creative products that are attuned with this target audience. Do the research and contact the companies and representatives involved with those athletes and actors in your city. In Cleveland, there are local businesses creating fun and funky shirts, hats, bracelets and more with their own spin on the “King” returning home. And for the most part, Clevelanders are embracing those items more so than licensed basketball apparel. We all want what is fresh and new; products and apparel others don’t have. So embrace this approach and put your brains and creative side to the test.

Not sure how to implement these types of products into your business? Start by giving them away to your customers for free in addition to their normal purchases. Someone will bite and before you know it, your client is wearing your T-shirt around town and letting their friends know where to get this one-of-a-kind item.

Excitement and pride in your community boosts morale and dollar signs. People want to wear their happiness and will sometimes use any means necessary to show their support towards a favorite team, band or celebrity. Take advantage of the fanatics and provide the tools necessary for them to do so.

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