Internet Security Part 1: Creating A Good Password

With recent internet security breaches like Heartbleed becoming more common nowadays, password protection is something that everyone should be concerned with. More and more commerce is moving online, which means that more and more data is protected by only a few keystrokes.

So with that said, what makes a good password? Check out the video for my recommendation to create unique passwords that are easy to remember, and keep your accounts protected.

Just do me a favor, don’t use ‘password’, ‘welcome’ or ‘letmein’ for your password. It blows my mind how often I find out that someone’s password is their child’s name, or something else that would be easy for anyone to guess, let alone be uncovered in a brute force attack from a hacker. Do yourself a favor and protect your passwords. Don’t write them down either – if you really need a way to keep track of them, find an App like Keyring Free to keep those passwords organized and secure. Also, remember to change your passwords every 6 to 12 months.

In reality though, password protection is just a small piece of a large puzzle: Identity Theft. That’s really the biggest threat of having your passwords cracked. Stay tuned for my next post, as part two in this series will cover the different types of identity theft.

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