Internet Security Part 2: Preventing Identity Theft

Identity Theft. You’re probably aware of it, although you may not be that informed on how identities get stolen, or how you can prevent your identity from getting stolen, like mine does in the video. And although we have a little fun in the beginning of the video, having your identity stolen is no laughing matter.

When it comes to getting your identity stolen, there are two different types of theft: Low-tech and High-Tech.

Low-Tech identity theft includes stuff like phone scams and dumpster diving for billing information, while High-Tech runs more along the lines of password cracking, hacking, and phishing. Hopefully you caught Part 1 in this series and already have a leg up on preventing  Identity theft.

So check out my video and see my quick overview of identity theft, and how you can prevent your data from getting stolen, or at the least be on top of it in the event it does get stolen.

If you’re still worried about identity theft, check out a service such as Lifelock to take extra steps to protect yourself.

Also, I wasn’t kidding that my grandma was scammed out of most of her life savings. Make sure your loved ones are aware of this scam by reading this article on the BBB’s website.

And if you have the misfortune of having your identity stolen, this article from the FTC has loads of information on what to do.

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Stay safe folks.

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